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Give a gift card!

It is not easy to choose a gift for a friend, colleague or family member. The colors, the visuals, the dimensions, are elements and choices specific to each.

We therefore suggest that you leave that choice to the person to whom you want to do this fun?


How does it work ?


We invite you to choose the amount of your gift cards: from €50 to 990€.


Once you have placed an order for the gift card, the recipient will automatically receive an email.

This email will contain the digital gift card including the gift code.

The gift card code is valid on all crumpled-pleated papers in our online

1 time only / for 1 year / from your date of purchase.

Once his choice has been made, to obtain the discount of the agreed amount, the recipient will click on  "Use a gift card" in the game "Payment" he will enter the code received in the field "Enter code" then click on "Apply"

(Warning: do not confuse with the promo code)


If the total amount of purchases is greater than the amount of the gift card, the recipient will have to pay the supplement to validate the entire order.


Any delivery costs will be borne by the beneficiary of the gift card.

Offrez un tableau en papier froissé-plissé


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