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The workshop

At Artysse, paper is crumpled and folded!

Since we launched Artysse in mid-October 2021, creation has been the rhythm of our everyday life. Our collections of crumpled paper paintings are made in our workshop located in Nancy, in the East of France. Our convictions make us use French recyclable paper and print our visuals locally (less than 4km) with ecological inks in vegetable latex without solvent. We manually transform ourselves our paper which arrives to us in roll of Alsace, smooth as the skin of our small angel. The short circuit for the creation and the manufacturing was an essential and indispensable point in our eyes, to make our craftsmen work and reduce our impact on the environment. 


We're Artysse'tes, and it's very important to us that our work retranscribes and tells a story through our visuals... a story of the passage of time... of the passage of time that has slowly faded and altered colors, cracked and yellowed varnishes, scratched and worn away supports, paper or canvas stretchers. The scratches of time, like wrinkles on a face, scratches on an old film.
We invite you to open a window on the artistic world of our Artysse collections of crumpled and pleated paper pictures for a unique and original wall decoration. We compose three types of visuals: "Our creations; painting, engraving, photographic process and collage of graphic elements of all kinds and diversities", "Works of artists fallen into the public domain but reworked by us", "And some licensed images, also reworked on our computer tools".
Our aim is to constantly improve. We're always on the lookout for new techniques, and we regularly add new features to our site, which evolves, changes and grows to keep pace with our desires.


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Froissé et plissé, notre papier est proche d'un tissu

Froissé et plissé, notre papier est proche d'un tissu
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All Categories
Froissé et plissé, notre papier est proche d'un tissu

Froissé et plissé, notre papier est proche d'un tissu

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froissez en brodure pour retendre le papier

froissez en brodure pour retendre le papier

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Froissé à l'imprimerie

Froissé à l'imprimerie

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Stand Artysse

Stand Artysse

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Our inspirations


Our inspirations

We love Arts of all genres and from all eras, some recent and others much older. The quest for times gone by stimulates our creation, the images that make up history captivate us, the aged works that have survived the centuries inspire us. They embody the power of passing time and bring extra soul to the flaws that it engraves. The indelible scars hammered by centuries and inflicted in depth are put to the benefit of an aesthetic and authentic beauty.

The crumpled-pleated paper made by us by hand supports this authenticity.

Our motives

Our will is to make you discover little known works realized by the greatest artists of our artistic heritage:
Skeleton and Cigarette - Vincent Van Gogh - 1886", "The Panthers of Bacchus by Alexandre François Desportes -1719-20",
The Woman who reads - Katsushika Hokusai - 1822", better known with : The Great Wave of Kanagawa",
The series, hummingbirds and passionflowers or orchids - Martin Johnson Heade -1880 -1885", etc.


Our passion leads us to transform, modify or combine works that have fallen into the public domain:
Flight of swallows - Jan van Os -1780 - the 2 swallows are added on the cropped painting",
L'Arlésienne - Ramon Casas -1915, you can discover some Goya discreetly integrated",
The White Peacock - Theo van Hoytema -1878-1910, inlayed in the background of the Printed Cloth - William Morris -1916", etc.


Have fun on your side to find the original works to compare them to our creations.
Our palette of work is infinite - A thousand apologies to the purists!


French creation and manufacturing

Our paper is transformed by hand, by our care. Once printed, it is crumpled then pleated. These two steps break the fiber and give it the look and feel of a fabric. We have perfected our manual technique, which is safe for this very resistant paper. It is also recyclable and non-flammable (classified M1). Our paper and inks are water resistant, which allows for hanging in a water room.

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We are respectful of the environment and of your interiors

Our inks are ecological and environmentally friendly. They are made of vegetable latex and are solvent-free and do not contain substances that are hazardous to your health or generate air pollution. Our crumpled paper panels can be placed as decoration in your interiors without risk to your health, or also in sensitive areas where the use of solvents is prohibited, for example in medical, educational or catering premises. The absence of solvents makes this ink completely odorless.


Our wooden fixing rods

Simple and effective, our handcrafted wooden chopsticks are offered as an option for each crinkle board and are delivered assembled.
(The crumpled paper board is sandwiched between 2 wooden sticks that are held in place by 4 screws).
A central hanging comb is attached to the back so you only have to hang it. A small screw or a nail is enough!


Coming from the Fine Arts,

she launched Artysse

to give herself the freedom

to create and make affordable

large format wall decorations.



Also from the Fine Arts,

passionate about images,

he is an active participant in the creation of Artysse visuals.



You wish

write us :


112 Mac Mahon Street

54000 Nancy - France


Contact us...

from Monday to Friday

from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.


Free shipping beyond 350 euros of purchase and within a radius of 50 km with withdrawal from the workshop.


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